June 26, 2019 mic


in celebration of Pride month, we’re happy to present this podcast from @jackie-house of @honeysoundsystem.

artist statement: “When the pressure is on sometimes you have to throw out the rulebook. A mixtape nerd since I first got my hands on a tape deck, I usually do a laborious amount of prep before I start making a mix. But, for some reason, I just plugged in and went with my gut on this one – a live session of what turned out to be 37 gems (including a french hardcore breaks tune by Alec Empire and a beautiful oddity to end it all by Dubtractor). I have always hoped I would get to create an entry for The Bunker podcast. It might be the first podcast I ever subscribed to! So, with that in mind I tried to stretch all the colors on my pallete on this mix in some respects to appease to the neo-retropolitan Bunker NY sound.”

4E – Ask Isadora
Cari Lekebusch – Profile B
Canvax – Shower
Junq – From Below
Linoleum Head – No Alghorithms
Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns (Cosjmin Edit)
H.E.A.D. – Into Your Head Again
Al Wootton – United
Martsman – Maxicle
TWR72 – Koek
Richard Holhburn – Gross Gestures
Lowfish – Glass & Spiders
Morph – X-ex
HD Substance – Inside/Stop
96 Back – Ghzel Tea
Acid Junkies – Wrathchild
Paul du Lac – Cahokia (Paul du Lac Jack Dub)
Reel to Reel – Sundog
Kenny Larkin – Chasers
Black Dog – Yama (Take 1)
Susumu Tokata – Tambarin
Datacide – Strategies
BUTTECHNO – Orient and
Sir Lord Commix – Cosmic Jive
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim (Original Mix)
Dark Force – Struggling Through The Century
Zulutronic – By Special Request
Alec Empire – Heartbeat That Isn’t There
Maelstrom – Dialogue
Kerosene – Sadomasic Phunkkaleptic
Savas Pascalidis – Who Dunnit
Nick Wicked – Beekeeper
Cooly G – Is It Gone
Silicon Scally – Deep Dissolve
Simon Shreeve – The Healing Bowl
W-Moon – One Earthquake A Day
Dubtractor – Spring Reverb

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