TF 160: @mdd_noise

 [HANDS, Inner Surface Music] – Canada

MDD is a live performance and studio project created by
Measure Divide and Dolgener.

MDD’s tough industrial infused rhythms oscillate frequencies ranging from the realm of techno to EBM. On the performance front, each set is an improvisation of heavy drum grooves, edgy bass lines and raw punk elements.

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‘Reverse The Contrast’ EP [HANDS]:


1. Never Worse – Misery [Strange Therapy]
2. Iron Sight – Blades [Strange Therapy]
3. Death Abyss – All truths are worth betraying [Rodz Konez]
4. BR1002 – The Shadows Die Twice [Instruments Of Discipline]
5. Surachai – Articulation Of A Dead Tongue [Self Released]
6. Manni Dee – Comply Or Die [South London Analogue Material]
7. Keepsakes – Selfies Are For The Weak [Haven]
8. The Soft Moon – Burn (Ansome Remix) [Sacred Bones]
9. Tomohiko Sagae – Tense Atmosphere [HANDS]
10. Ministry – Burning Inside [Sire]
11. Exome – Decomposed Wreck [Black Carpet]
12. Sharplines – Dolores Haze [Persephonic Sirens]
13. Mickey Nox – Atomic Tide [Green Fetish]
14. Ayarcana – Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me [Variance]
15. Sirio Gry J – ACT IV [Liber Null]
16. Keepsakes – Seep [Haven]
17. MDD – Forthcoming [TBD]
18. MARR – Sound of Secrets (Monya Remix) [Corresponding Positions]
19. Anthro – Dismembered Dolls & Cracked Skulls (Scalameriya Remix) [PLS.UK]
20. Plack Blague – In The Name Of Blague (Verset Zero Remix) [Plack Blague]
21. MDD – Forthcoming [TBD]
22. Tommy Four Seven – The Virus [47]
23. Revolting Cocks – Something Wonderful [Wax Trax]
24. O/H – Human Waste [L.I.E.S]
25. Aphex Twin – W32.Mydoom.AU@mm [Analord]

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