June 19, 2019 mic


TF #165: @melania_dot [Verzerrung, aufnahme + wiedergabe] – Berlin.

The eclectic sounds of the Polish-born, Berlin based artist MELANIA . are mostly based on Industrial / Techno / EBM, which she periodically combines with a creative touch of unexpected change of atmosphere and structure. Focused entirely on her feelings she stays beyond limitations to a specific genre. Co-founder of the polish event series VERZERRUNG (Projekt Lab, Poznan) and a frequent resident at swiss ORDEN (Basel).

She is the one hundred and sixty-five guest. This is a second part of her closing set at the aufnahme + wiedergabe showcase at FOLD in London, last May.

Artist links:

Facebook: bit.ly/2m5UZpZ
Discogs: bit.ly/2RoxgBo
Booking: josh@aufnahmeundwiedergabe.de

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