July 17, 2018 mic


Exclusive podcast from @sigha for Trax Magazine !

Tracklist :
A. Brehme – K. Ran And Spoke Foresights From The Forest
Alexa Sanchez & Ricardo Garduno – The Cancer of Time 1
Robert lippok – All Objects Are Moving
Adiel- Tribale Danza
Undveld Breyta- Order And Devotion
Oscar Mulero – Dying Asteroid
Archivist & Flugal – Far Horizon (Acronym Remix)
Wata Igarashi – Void
Naty seres & Bensen -Interplanetary Dust Clouds
Hobi- the Rhetoric of Confession
Uun- Exhumed ii.i
Tobias – Keep Me Insane
Alfredo Mazzilli – Parhelion
Dasha Rush – Time Coil
Altinbas- SZ01
Arnaud le texier – Hideous Engine
Matrixsman – Emergent Intelligence
Tensal – Santolaya (Shifted Alt mix)
Pariah – Here From Where we Are