October 1, 2018 mic


Exclusive podcast from Hannah Addams for Trax Magazine as part of the Big Bang Festival !


01. Hannah Addams – I am the alchemist (Original Intro Mix) on Casanova Bar Berlin Records
02. Reggy Van Oers – Frenetic (Original Mix) on Affin
03. Xavi Megolla – Nhoh (Original Mix) on Casanova Bar Berlin Records
04. Ambivalent – Destruction (Original Mix) on Darknet
05. Nander – Cardio (Original Mix) on Thema Digital Series
06. Makaja Gonzales – Silver Shadow (Ayako More Remix) on Elektrax Recordings
07. Awkan – Norse (Original Mix) on Cubic Capacity Recordings
08. Reggy Van Oers – Sinuosity (Original Mix) on Affin
09. Horacio Cruz – The Toolex (Original Mix) on X ERIE Records
10. [Wex 10] – Geschmeidigkeit (Original Mix) on X ERIE Records
11. Nkx – Ground (Original Mix) unreleased, on NKX recordings
12. Stephanie Sykes – I still feel Her (Ambre Remix) on LW Recordings
13. Dial Tone – Echoes (Digital Bonus) on Interstate Records
14. Reggy Van Oers – TRC02 (Original Mix) on Affin
15. Hans Bouffmyher, Robert S (PT) – External Reflections (Original Mix) on Sleaze Records (UK)
16. Horacio Cruz – Cerox (A. Paul Remix) on X ERIE Records
17. Flug – Drummer (Markantonio Remix) on AnalyticTrail
18. Space Exile – KT6 (Original Mix) on Casanova Bar Berlin, unreleased
19. Chloe – Wonky (Original Mix) on Correspondant

Artist: @soundcloud.com/hannah_addams