August 30, 2017 Sybil Jason mic


Interview + Download: truantsblog.com/2017/truancy-volume-186-sybil-jason/

SoundCloud: @sybiljason

Sybil Jason is a Haitian-American multi-disciplinary artist from New York. In 2006 she set up a blog called FARCED, which has survived through the years as an mp3 blog and home to her various mixes. She started a FARCED show on Berlin Community Radio in 2014, following some years presenting the Minimal Wave show on East Village Radio in Brooklyn. A move to Barcelona then saw her transfer the FARCED show to Dublab BCN. This summer she’s been back in New York, playing a huge number of shows. Her style is hard to pin down but over the years it has encompassed 80s synth, coldwave and noise, but lately she’s moved towards energetic strands of house and techno, all the while returning to the music of her Haitian heritage. She put together this mix for our Truancy Volume series and also answered a few questions about her long career, her musical approach and what 2017 has been like for her so far.