May 24, 2019 mic


Interview + Download + Tracklist: truantsblog.com/2019/truancy-volume-241-clark-price/

Soundcloud: @clarkdprice

Clark Price is one third of the Honcho crew, along with Aaron Clark and d’Ahdemar, who operate parties from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Starting up in 2012 as a monthly night at Hot Mass, a club downstairs in a local gay bathhouse, the party has grown to become one of the most well-known and highly-regarded events within queer clubbing circles. Credited in helping to galvanise a genuine party scene within the small, post-industrial city of Pittsburgh, Honcho and Hot Mass have become synonymous with interesting, varied dance music in an environment packed with energy. Price’s sets are a reflection of the breadth of the booking policy at Hot Mass, who not only host both emerging and established Midwest talent, but also frequently bring in DJs from the UK and beyond. Bass, breaks, electro and techno are the mainstays of what Price plays and we can only imagine the energy in which he delivers the music is a reflection of the dancefloors he is accustomed to playing to. Amongst those who have been lucky enough to witness Clark play at Honcho, Hot Mass or elsewhere, there is a unanimity regarding his quality. With the fifth edition of Honcho’s┬áSummer Campout returning to the beautiful Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in August with a lineup of completely new talent, we are super hyped to have Price on board to provide our 241st Truancy Volume. He also answered a few questions for us about Honcho, Pittsburgh and the mix.