December 27, 2018 mic


The calendar year is getting to an end and many tend to look back at the joys and successes, but also at the false steps. No better time than this to present a cosmonautic experience offered to us by the one and only Pacaya. His beautiful creations as painter, illustrator, and graphic designer have been delighting us for long time, and now we have the rare opportunity to appreciate his aesthetic also through sound. This beloved friend of ours embodies the concept of the multisensorial artist displaying here an exquisite selection of world music. The sound is the fourth dimension of his visual art. Pacaya explained that each of his artistic creations can be experienced in a deeper way when accompanied by the sound which nourished his mind, and which drove his hand during the making. The sound, somehow, makes the colours more vivid and complement the creation with further details. The inclusion of the sound wide opens the door which the visual art unlocks. That’s the doors to the intimate and emotional world of the artist, a world which Pacaya has been shaping with the physical and metaphysical experiences that he has collected through space and time. Crossing that doorstep gives the chance to make a digression from our respective “here and now” to transcend towards an inner dimension where we can relive our joys and forget our troubles, if we like, or to face the latter with calm and serenity. In that dimension we have the chance to enjoy our time, but also to learn from our false steps in a constructive and peaceful manner. The secret to do this is simple: just relax and feel.

Find Pacaya’s visible & audible art here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elpacaya
Web: www.elpacaya.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/pacayapacaya
Instagram: @pacayart