May 11, 2019 mic


Masa started his first band, ‘Taiji’ in 1985, an electronic industrial noise unit who released 2 albums and many cassette tapes and played in Tokyo at Shinjuku Head Power, Shinjuku Loft and many more venues. Started Djing techno trance early ’90 at underground parties in Tokyo, formed X-Tron with Dj hamase and released on gaia tontrager’93-94. Released a full album and EP with Dj Ray Castle as Masaray ‘cosmic Trancer’ on Psy-Harmonics. Then formed the Japanese psychedelic trance label Tokyo Techno Tribe(T.T.TRecoeds) ’95’97 and released first his Solo CD album Just inside on East-West 1996. In 1997 Masa set up party organizationSpace Gathering and in 98 he formed the electronic music band Kinocosmo.

In 2002 MASA started label a new called Hypnodisk where he has released two futher Ep’s and an album ‘Why?’ . and has a EP titled ‘Do it’ coming out early 2010.

Start ChillOut Ambient Experimental Sound Label Antenna528 2015/5/28
Originaly early Goa sounds Live and Unreleased Tracks 3rdAlbum “Son ov a seed” Released on Nov 23 2015