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  • Deepicnic Podcast 061 – Jeremy Cheung

    June 18, 2017 Jeremy Cheung mic

    60 Minutes   Incl. Download   Incl. Tracklist   61

    In the 61th episode, Hong Kong based Jeremy Cheung takes over the Deepicnic Podcast. He is the champion of the 2008 Pioneer Hong Kong DJ Quest, Jeremy started his DJ career in 2006. In just a short period, Jeremy has already played with some of the world most renowned international DJs and producers such as […]

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  • Deepicnic Podcast 060 – Fabiann

    June 11, 2017 Fabiann mic

    60 Minutes   Incl. Download   Incl. Tracklist   60

    In episode 60, we welcome an excellent Italian artist Fabiann, straight from the Neapolitan underground school. Her productions are highly appreciated by listeners and are considered to be of high quality. She starts to take an interest in music since when she was a kid in every possible way. Fabiann’s style can be typed as […]

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  • Deepicnic Podcast 059 – Y+M

    June 4, 2017 Y+M mic

    65 Minutes   Incl. Download   59

    This week we feature a Swedish DJ duo Y+M. Malin Evrenos and Ylva Lundberg stands at the forefront of Stockholm’s vibrant underground scene, spending most of their time playing techno or house in various clubs, warehouses and forest clearings. Starting out some 6 years ago, they have played most of Sweden’s top venues, as well […]

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  • Deepicnic Podcast 058 – Marion Cobretti

    May 28, 2017 mic

    61 Minutes   Incl. Download   Incl. Tracklist   58

    Welcome to the 58th episode of Deepicnic Podcast. This edition is mixed by Berlin-based, Marion Cobretti. Born in the Tel-Aviv Trance and Acid scene, those were also the sounds influencing teenager Marion’s first steps in music production. It wasn’t until many years later that his relocation to Berlin fine-tuned his real musical destiny: Techno. However, […]

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  • Deepicnic Podcast 057 – Simina Grigoriu

    May 21, 2017 mic

    66 Minutes   Incl. Download   Incl. Tracklist   57

    This week’s episode is a special one, the Deepicnic project started exactly a year ago. To celebrate this little milestone we got a brilliant exclusive mix from Simina Grigoriu. Rewind< A few years ago Simina appeared as a bright new star in the techno sky and released her first tracks with various labels. Her release […]

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  • Deepicnic Podcast 056 – Amanda Mussi

    May 13, 2017 Amanda Mussi mic

    60 Minutes   Incl. Download   56

    This week’s podcast is episode 056 with a Brazilian artist, Amanda Mussi. Through the combination of sounds from acid house, dub techno, Detroit techno, and break beats, Sao Paulo based DJ and producer Amanda Mussi develops a captivating and diverse atmosphere on the dance floor and in her percussion driven creations, surpassing commonalities as to […]

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