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Animalistic Rush EP


VMR080October 24, 2016
Animalistic Rush EP | Voltage Musique Records

It’s raw, wild, seducing and enchanting. Beth Lydi is back on Voltage Musique Records with „Animalistic Rush EP”, one year after debuting on the label with her hard hitting release „Ego Trip EP” last year. „Animalistic” takes us deep into the wild world of the jungle, building up to a powerful momentum where a techy bassline meets a strong synth combined with a playful vocal. Rush takes it down a notch with its rolling groove and hypnotic vocal work giving you goosebumps as you know something mysterious is coming your way. Khainz has taken „Rush” and made his own interpretation of it, turning it in to a proper minimal monster ready for the big dancefloor moments. A powerful track with proper synths striking alongside the perky percussions drive the feeling up and forward, perfectly rounding up the EP with something fitting for every time of the night.”

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