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Audiojah Essentials Vol.2


AJC002December 7, 2015
Audiojah Essentials Vol.2 | Audiojah

Audiojah Essentials Vol.2

A 2015’s Flashback, a pivotal Year for Audiojah. In fact, between an interesting birth year setting the project and see him taking shape and the first big solo project from the Boss Bionex upcoming, we have chosen to showcase artists we truly believed in.
So this 100%% guests Eps series is a melting-pot of:
– Comebacks! Makanan, our Canarian protege, Pavel Petrovs new super-powerful Remix and Alberto Ruiz, now definitely a trending name on the scene
– Safe Bets! We have invited Khainz, and he offered an explosive Remix in return and George Privatti, coming along with Adoo to deliver a hot EP.
– Revelations! Ben Grunnell exploded this Year, blessing a fine-worked sense of groove putting Clandestine at the top of our chart. Young talent Lewis Delay showing that talent is more proportional to the passion than years with a beautiful remix for his friend Mr Jefferson. Last but not least : Hungarians DJ Raul & Baluca were welcome to unleash their rockets!
It seems you enjoyed it and calls for new ones quickly

Bring on 2016 !!

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