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Elemental Progressions, Vol. 6


PD130November 7, 2016
Elemental Progressions
  • Long Way From Home (Original Mix)

    Adam Doyle

  • Breath of Angel (Original Mix)

    Adam Sobiech

  • Stronger (Original Mix)

    Blood Groove & Kikis

  • First Pluto (Original Mix)


  • Amber Sunrise (Original Mix)

    Dmitry Aeolus

  • Insomnia (Original Mix)


  • Shift (Original Mix)

    ITM, Soulaiman Zoubir

  • Evening Calm (Original Mix)

    Joe Schaeffer

  • Sunsoaked (Original Mix)

    James Kerwin

  • Momento (Original Mix)

    Kono (USA)

  • Hidden Level (Original Mix)


  • You (Original Mix)

    Pavel Denisov

  • Ephemeral (Original Mix)


  • Mirror Maze (Original Mix)

    Ram Sanchez

  • Where Are You Now (Original Mix)

    Tom Strobe

  • Elemental Progressions Volume 6 (Continuous DJ Mix)

    Dave Pineda

We proudly present to all of you the 6th installment of our much acclaimed compilation series, ‘Elemental Progressions’. Mixed and compiled by none other than our label boss Dave Pineda. This one took longer to curate, but it was worth the wait. 15 new tracks from PD regulars, Adam Sobiech, Blood Groove and Kikis, Dinka, Dmitry Aeolus, Inva ITM and Soulaiman Zoubir, Kono (USA), Marway, Pavel Denisov. We debut newcomers Adam Doyle, James Kerwin, Joe Schaeffer, PhálanX, Ram Sanchez and Tom Strobe. As bonus with the complete purchase of this compilation you will get the continous DJ mix from Dave Pineda. We hope you enjoy!

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