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Endless Sun


SB087March 14, 2016
Endless Sun | Sudbeat Music

Stereo underground music & art is all about awareness. It is the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects & thoughts.

Yariv began his musical journey at a young age as a drummer. Moving to Tel Aviv when 18, working at record stores and playing at local clubs, his love affair with electronic music began. Years later he is now an owner of the legendary Cat & Dog club and the head of one of the best music schools in Tel Aviv. And of course a big taste producer that land on Sudbeat with two brand new tracks!
‘Endless Sun’ is a beautiful warm voyage, oozing quality, and pouring emotive goodness from every pore. A sunshine song that feel like a summers day, even when played in a dark warehouse club!
‘Empty Spaces’ is a moody melodic number, deep yet melodious and builds beautifully, and packs a punch too! One of those tracks that works, with its genre crossing coolness and excellent production.
Fellow Tel Aviv producer Chicola is on remix duties, and delivers a gem of a rework. Energetic and classy, the hallmarks of this legend of the scene. layered wonderfully, combining depth with beauty. A fine remix!

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