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First Light / Shadows


BEDDIGI95March 20, 2017
First Light / Shadows | Bedrock Records
  • Shadows (Original Mix)


    7:18 / 126 BPM

  • First Light (Original Mix)


    6:56 / 126 BPM

Montel returns to Bedrock with a brand new heavyweight brace in Shadows and First Light. Tracks, he tells us, that take influence from his time spent at the centre of some of the worlds seminal dancefloors.

Clubs like Twilo, The Tunnel and the early days of Ministry of Sound and The End still play a big part in inspiring my music today. I suppose it has a kinda nostalgic vibe.

Those heady times and long weekends soundtracked by the driving sounds of Tyrant, S-Man, Peace Division, our faces lit by the single ray of Tenaglias spotlight as the drums kicked at our sternums. That same energy and power exudes from both tracks here. Raw, atmospheric, heavy on the groove and hitting like a pile-driver. As Montel says

Im not looking to re-invent the musical wheel. Its all been done before. Im here to have fun, dance and play big tunes in big rooms.

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