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Found and Lost


ALLEY055March 14, 2016
Found and Lost | Mango Alley
  • Found and Lost (Sunrise Mix)

    Seawaves, We Are All Astronauts

    7:30 / 114 BPM

  • Found and Lost (Simon Shackleton Remix)

    Simon Shackleton, Seawaves, We Are All Astronauts

    7:52 / 120 BPM

  • Found and Lost (Neil Browne Remix)

    Neil Browne, Seawaves, We Are All Astronauts

    6:28 / 120 BPM

  • Found and Lost (Sunset Mix)

    Seawaves, We Are All Astronauts

    6:33 / 106 BPM

  • Found and Lost (Battage Remix)

    Seawaves, Battage, We Are All Astronauts

    8:01 / 122 BPM

Soothing vocal seductions coalesce with ambient technical wizardry; Seawaves and We Are All Astronauts join forces across the Atlantic Ocean, “Found and Lost”. Images emerge in delicate beauty from words that drift across the leaden skyline, slate grey in a fleeting moment of foreboding. Piano melodies glisten like droplets of water, iridescent in refracted beauty and emotive in the word they carry so lightly. Sunrise and sunset separated by rhythmic intent.

An elite producer and powerful force from the sceptred isle, Simon Shackleton finds a new path full of cadenced bass prowess. Rhythmic majesty combined with elegant chord progression presents innovation through recurring themes. Fellow countryman, Neil Browne finds vibrant energy through rebounding bass line, melodic originality and rippling arpeggio; metronomic percussion visits the state of 808. Dutch artistry paints a vivid picture through the aural architecture of Battage. Sonic soundscapes provide revitalised musical sequences in analogue beauty. Dulcet vocal tones pierce the frequency spectrum in stunning and intelligent reimagining.

“Our last voyage in perfect seas”; hopes and desires tested in stormy waters with faith found and then lost.

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