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Friends Of PETS Part. 1


PETS080June 2, 2017
Friends Of PETS Part. 1 | Pets Recordings

Welcome to Poland: Another country in the midst of fearful flux; where a huge proportion of the country feel their voice is no longer represented by the government; where raw emotions are being exploited cheaply by media to distract, divert and crudely divide; where there is more of a need than ever for like-minded positive souls to unite without prejudice and work together for a better future.

The headlines sound too familiar for many of us in the world. But just as Trump does not represent most people in America and Brexit doesnt define everyone in Britain, Polands right wing government does not exemplify the majority of Polish people. Like all world citizens, our generation and younger are good-minded, thoughtful people who do want to bring down barriers and work together. Their vision is one of inclusion and one of a proud future and how we can improve the lives of our children and grandchildren Not become entangled in embittered roots of the past.

Its evident in Polands thriving creative cultures from the provocative art of Katarzyna Kozyra to the literature and poetry and films of Wojciech Kuczok. Its evident in the stark optimist architecture of Daniel Libeskind. Its evident in Krakows thriving club scene and the countrys bubbling pools of electronic music talent. Its everything Catz N Dogz do: their attitude, their music, their labels, their WOODED festival and, perhaps most importantly, their friends.

Not just there to carry you home; friends carry you everywhere. And right here on Friends Of Pets Catz N Dogz are carrying their companions creativity with the same esteem and pride they host their Polish festival. A cultural statement and powerful showcase of their countrys great thinkers, creators, collaborators and disrupters in electronic music, across 16 tracks almost all of which is homegrown were treated to the full spectrum. Ranging from blissful smoky beat soul to mischievous relentless rolling techno and all shades of house in between, its one of Pets most heartfelt homage to realness, togetherness and strength against adversity. Exist to resist but persist to rewind; these are the real Polish headlines and here are the amazing stories of the beautiful, kind and creative people behind them

Earth Trax: AKA Bartosz Kruczyski whos perhaps most famously known as Ptaki alongside Jaromir Kamiski. Together they created Przelot, one of the best electronic Polish albums ever made thats guaranteed to stand the test of time. As a solo artist Earth Trax also has a great body of work as The Phantom, has been recommended as part of Thumps top 100 records of 2016 and has a whole stack of releases planned on labels such as Phonica Records and many more.

The Analog Roland Orchestra: Polish-born Michal is a walking orchestra. Conjuring magic on his collection of rare Roland synths, hes worked with many acts on many stages. His passion for Roland has been so strong hes channelled it into a book: R For Roland, a compendium of beautifully photographed Roland synths, histories and stories. With releases on Pokerflat, STEP and Rotary Cocktail Rec, hes a super sharp producer, too.

Adam Port: Born in Poland, based in Berlin, Adam Port needs no introduction. One of the most consistent and innovative names in the game with releases across the board from Freerange to Souvenir via his main home Keinemusik, arguably one the most influential European labels at the moment.

Kuba Sojka: An award-winning Katowice institution with a spotless body of work on labels such as Minimalsoul, Dogmatik, Mathematics and many more. Not just a prolific and innovative producer, he also invests large amounts of his time teaching audio production to young producers, ensuring the craft is kept alive for generations to come.

Das Komplex: Hailing from the north of Poland, hes delivered two majestic creations on the album: the hazy dubby delight of Shadows and a juicy-funk, disco-tinged twist of Till Von Sein & Aera. Some of his records sell out in a matter of days and its not hard to hear why His sound is so special that you know its his record just within a few bars.

Dig deep and share the knowledge: Each of these friends has their own story to tell and their own sound to share. This is the real Poland. This is the real Pets. This is real electronic music. We can only be stronger by working together, globally, nationally, friendly

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