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Inside My Head


CCR025August 8, 2016
Inside My Head | Cream Couture Records
  • High (Original Mix)

    Amy dB

    5:33 / 125 BPM

  • L'amour Ft. Fran Tinez (Original Mix)

    Tinez, Amy dB

    6:20 / 123 BPM

  • Inside My Head (Original Mix)

    Amy dB

    5:28 / 120 BPM

Cream Couture returns with Amy DBs inside my head EP. Hailing from Chicago, Amy has
cast an international shadow with tour dates around the world. “Inside my head shows off
Amys Chitown
roots and her progressive aura with a driving swing, thick kick and snare with
signature Diva vocals produced by legend Cesar Funk.
the second track “Lamour produced by powerhouse duo Amy dB and Tinez featuring
Moroccan vocalist, OB, Stays true to modern tech house, with an insane drive built around the
booming kick and shaking hats, featuring shimmering pads, ominous vocals and synths. All in
all we at Cream Couture are pleased to add this well rounded EP to our catalog and welcome
Amy to our label.
by Robert Babicz

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