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Limbic 5a


STP016June 19, 2017
Limbic 5a | Stamp Records
  • MQTimeT (Original Mix)

    Monty The Fly

    6:39 / 125 BPM

  • Magnum (Original Mix)

    Monty The Fly

    6:58 / 124 BPM

  • Magnum (Funkastle Remix)

    Monty The Fly, Funkastle

    8:07 / 126 BPM

  • Umm (Original Mix)

    Monty The Fly

    6:42 / 124 BPM

Our new EP produced by a real talented artist, sound designer, Monty The Fly from Bristol. He gives us a hypnotic atmosphere with 3 original bombs, he often uses sexy vocals, deep backgrounds and mysterious textures. We notice pure acoustic sounds, groovebox elements and modular sounds. “Magnum” track is remixed by the talented frenchman and big friend , Funkastle that leads us in a world where we have resonances and a bassline who dictates the law.
Happy world music day to all!

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