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Lodestar Bang


CM001October 3, 2016
Lodestar Bang | Curiosity Music

Curiosity Music is very proud to release its very first EP produced by one of the best Techno/Minimal artists in the World, the globe-trotter Alexi Delano, with the collaboration of the much talented Marcus Henriksson aka Nobody Home, member of the legendary duo Minilogue. And last but not least, the contribution of Nima Khak, one of the worthiest representatives of the new Swedish scene. Devotees of analogic and jam sessions, our three experienced artists give us a mature and intense EP. Stay tuned, get into the loop! “Lodestar Bang (Original Mix)” is a tense and hypnotic anthem dedicated to insanity and astonishment amateurs. “Exodus (Original Mix)” is a harmonically destructured and tribal track for disorientated maniacs. “Exodus (Nobody Home’s Way Out Remix)” is a tense, uncanny and worrisome remix with unsettling dark incantations. “Exodus (Nima Khak Remix)” is an authentic techno remix illustrated with primitive apparitions, definitely designed for dancefloors. “Exodus (Nima Khak’s Vibe Mix)” is a rhythmic and space mix, ideally suited for escape devotees. This track is exclusively available on the vinyl release. Mastered by Marcus Henriksson (aka Minilogue, Son Kite) at Studio Cosmos, Sweden.

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