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FTP004September 4, 2017
Nadiyan | For The People
  • Taimur (Original Mix)

    Lost Boy

    6:05 / 122 BPM

  • Nadiyan (Original Mix)

    Lost Boy, Saqib

    7:14 / 121 BPM

  • Kainaat (Original Mix)

    Lost Boy, Saqib

    7:03 / 120 BPM

  • Nadiyan (Sam Jaspersohn Remix)

    Lost Boy, Sam Jaspersohn, Saqib

    6:30 / 119 BPM

  • Nadiyan (Alberto Jossue Remix)

    Lost Boy, Saqib, Alberto Jossue

    9:35 / 120 BPM

  • Nadiyan (El Mundo Remix)

    Lost Boy, El Mundo, Saqib

    7:32 / 116 BPM

Lost Boy’s + Saqib’s new EP is drawn from a medley of South Asian inspirations and experiences. This collaboration between longtime friends and For The People artists, Talal Chaudhry (‘Lost Boy’ in Toronto) and Saqib Malik (‘Saqib’ in New York), results in three hypnotic compositions. The first, ‘Taimur’, is one of two tracks that feature raw recordings of Talal’s venture into the desert of Balochistan, Pakistan. The second track, ‘Nadiyan,’ gracefully pairs traditional South Asian culture with modern ethereal sounds featuring remixes from Sam Jaspersohn, Alberto Jossue, and El Mundo. The final track, ‘Kainaat,’ a tell-tale story of the universe, bonds the connection of nearby Iran and the Balochistan desert of Pakistan with the use of Persian instruments serving as a bridge between the two rich cultures.

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