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Ostentatious, Vol. 1


OP001May 11, 2017
  • The Moon's Landing (Original Mix)

    Atelier Francesco

    7:28 / 120 BPM

  • Deeper World (Original Mix)

    Javier Carballo

    7:37 / 125 BPM

  • Per Aspera Ad Astra (Original Mix)

    Sierra Sam

    5:58 / 125 BPM

  • Redshift 7 (Original Mix)

    Disorder, Cesare

    7:37 / 122 BPM

  • Womb (Original Mix)


    6:04 / 129 BPM

  • Gran Dyoor (Original Mix)

    David Paglia

    6:53 / 123 BPM

  • You Can Take Me Home (Original Mix)

    Guido Schneider, Daniel Dreier

    15:03 / 124 BPM

  • Equanimity (Original Mix)

    Jonny Cruz, Cali Lanauze

    7:07 / 123 BPM

  • Seven Days (Original Mix)

    Pablo Mateo

    7:26 / 125 BPM

  • Inner City Shuffle (Original Mix)

    Alexi Delano, Marc Ashken

    6:18 / 125 BPM

  • Balanta (Original Mix)

    Lee Jones

    6:43 / 126 BPM

  • Stasis (Original Mix)

    Rei Calero

    7:39 / 120 BPM

Jonny Cruz and Cali Lanauze are kicking off their new label, Opulence, with a fantastic Various Artists compilation featuring plenty of talented artists. Some are new to the game, some are more established, but they all help paint a fine picture of what to expect from the label going forwards, and that is deep and atmospheric house and techno.

Jonny Cruz himself has been producing, DJing and providing vocals to great tracks and labels like Cocoon, Touch Of Class, Poker Flat and Vakant for years now. He appears here with a track alongside the label partner Cali Lanauze. They have collaborated before on My Favourite Robot and often curate parties together in Puerto Rico, so it is no suprise that the curation for their track ‘Equanimity’ is right on point.

Atelier Francesco kicks things off with The Moon’s Landing, a deep and atmospheric cut with spacey sounds making for a nice intro. From there the likes of Javier Carballo offer deep techno, Sierra Sam goes all cosmic and tripped out and Vosper get busy on their dubby techno roller Womb.

Some nice vocal laced old school breakbeats from Cesare vs Disorder carry us on and then the likes of the legendary Guido Schneider links with Daniel Drier to great effect. The label bosses Equanimity then gets freaky with some spacey vibes and great synth work, where the latter half touches on more pumping beats from Pablo Mateo, smooth and serene rollers from Alexi Delano & Mark Ashken, rubbery supple grooves from Lee Jones.

This is a fine compilation that sets off this new label in fantastic fashion.

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