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Pear Tree Revisions


TULIPA183September 8, 2017
Pear Tree Revisions | Tulipa Recordings
  • The Pale King (John Debo Remix)

    John Debo, Luca Doobie

    7:01 / 116 BPM

  • Back & Forth (Chris Fortier Remix)

    Chris Fortier, Stelios Vassiloudis, One Of Them

    8:14 / 118 BPM

  • Red Giant (D. Diggler Remix)

    D. Diggler, Summer (Brendon Collins)

    8:58 / 126 BPM

  • Hypnofunk (Blue Amazon Remix)

    Blue Amazon, James Harcourt

    6:57 / 126 BPM

  • Talamanca (Nick Stoynoff's Rotel 87 Remix)

    Dimitri Nakov, Nick Stoynoff, BVision

    7:16 / 124 BPM

  • Tieftaucher (Futur-E Remix)

    Lutzenkirchen, Futur-E

    8:19 / 124 BPM

  • Sunshine Burger (Rob Hes Remix)

    Beckers, D-Nox, Rob Hes

    7:27 / 125 BPM

  • Godfather (Austen/Scott Sub Dub)

    Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito), Austen/Scott

    6:46 / 124 BPM

  • Godfather (Austen/Scott Muscle Mix)

    Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito), Austen/Scott

    6:43 / 125 BPM

  • How To Run Away From Yourself (Nomean Remix)

    Robert Babicz, Nomean

    10:22 / 125 BPM

Label lead gardener Summer returns with the third collection of Tulipa remixes, with this installment poetically envisioned as Pear Tree Revisions. The originals come from Summer (Brendon Collins) himself plus Luca Doobie, Stelios Vassiloudis & One Of Them, James Harcourt, Dimitri Nakov & BVision, Lutzenkirchen, D-Nox & Beckers, Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito), and Robert Babicz. Each tune is a classic chosen to be revamped.

The revisions are constructed by John Debo, Chris Fortier, D. Diggler, Blue Amazon, Nick Stoynoff, Futur-E, Rob Hes, Austen/Scott, and Nomean. All versions present a modern and hypnotic sound which is ever-present within the gardens. The remixes are powerful sequels to the originals and each introduces a new flavor and elegance into the mix. Pear Tree Revisions is ultimately a treasure built from the finest Tulipa jewels.

2017 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

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