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Petricolour (Remixed)


PTRCLR002May 31, 2017
Petricolour (Remixed) | Petricolour
  • Colours feat. David Osterle (Andrea Fissore & MOTSA's 6Am Remix)

    Andrea Fissore, MOTSA, MOTSA

    8:03 / 121 BPM

  • Petrichor feat. Sophie Lindinger (Kalipo Remix)

    Kalipo, MOTSA

    5:38 / 122 BPM

  • Colours feat. David Osterle (Fybe:one Remix)

    Fybe:one, MOTSA

    5:41 / 121 BPM

  • Colours (Andrea Fissore & MOTSA's 6AM Remix) feat. David Osterle (Radio Edit)

    Andrea Fissore, MOTSA, MOTSA

    4:01 / 121 BPM

MOTSA follows up a standout inaugural EP on his own Petricolour label with a selection
of fine remixes of it. Enlisted for action here are Andrea Fissore & MOTSA himself, plus
Kalipo and Fybe:one.
MOTSA started out on labels like Southern Fried and Schonbrunner Perlen picking up
plenty of praise from press and punters alike. He launched the Petricolour label at the
end of last year and the release has had over 3 millions plays on Spotify since then.
This remix packages starts with MOTSA revisiting his own track in cahoots with Andrea
Fissore, a Turin born producer with a small but well-formed discography. Their take on
‘Colours’ feat. David Osterle is one filled with tension. A frazzled lead synth snakes
about under a cosmos of melodies and fluid drums help sweep you away on a warm
Bavarian Kalipo then comes correct with a unique restyling of ‘Petrichor’ feat. Sophie
Lindinger that shows off the trance inducing style that has won him underground
acclaim. Built on a lively bed of shuffling broken beats and finger clicks, it is fleshed out
with emotive pads and the interplay between the two makes for fascinating feelings.
Downbeat but kinetic, it is one to drop at the moment the sun sets.
Last of all, South London’s Ashes of Grey co-founder tackles ‘Colours’ feat. David
Osterle with real elan, layering it up with heavenly pads and stepping chords that ride
up and down the scales. The beats are busy and off kilter and the whole thing is expertly
zoned out and atmospheric.
This is a succulent package of meaningful house music.

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