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Pray For Happiness


JOOF265November 21, 2016
Pray For Happiness | JOOF Recordings
  • Pray For Happiness (Original Mix)


    8:38 / 130 BPM

  • Pray For Happiness (DeCode Remix)

    Airwave, DeCode

    9:16 / 125 BPM

  • Pray For Happiness (The Digital Blonde Remix)

    Airwave, The Digital Blonde

    11:25 / 135 BPM

Airwave is an artist of the highest calibre and Pray for Happiness is cut from a different cloth. Embellished with a mysterious yet uplifting melody, an emotive atmosphere, and his quintessential eastern percussion, this release is poised to create magic moments on dance floors across the world.

On remix duties DeCode and JOOF legend The Digital Blonde each take the reigns and add their own unique flair with their mix.

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