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007April 17, 2016
ReQuest | Pulsar Music
  • ReQuest (Original Mix)

    Rejekt, Dubquest

  • ReQuest (Relock (Italy) Remix)

    Rejekt, Relock (Italy), Dubquest

  • ReQuest (F.eht Remix)

    Rejekt, F.eht, Dubquest

  • ReQuest (John Rise Remix)

    Rejekt, John Rise, Dubquest

  • Risica Rosica (Original Mix)


  • Sie Müssen (Original Mix)


(English) Rejekt & Dubquest are our new Italian guys, they land on our planet with theirs ‘ReQuest’ Ep. Inside you will find three awesome remix planned by John Rise, Relock (Italy) and F.eht that give us a vision for to the electronic club music. Linear tracks, a solid hit hat and snare, a warm kick and a perfect groove underlines the research of great music in this new era of the ‘Underground’. Distributed by Pressology –

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