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Rollercoaster RMX


MONA033September 9, 2016
Rollercoaster RMX | Monaberry

Reversion (noun): the final, often mind-melting, product of a deft studio act in which an original recording’s elements are rephrased in a unique new way. You know this. We know this. Monaberry knows this. They proved it last month with Super Flu’s agenda-setting ‘Re:Dings’ EP and they’ve done it again with this stunning reconstruction collection of andhim’s 2015 Monaberry smash ‘Rollercoaster’. The evidence is clear from the off as ‘Mr Bass’ gets knighted to Sir Bass with two beautifully contrasting remixes. First up is groove-chowing Leeds lothario wAFF who fires up the energy to hip-shaking tech-level and gradually re-introduces the original’s cosmic elements as the groove charges into the vanishing point. La Fleur, meanwhile, adds a much more ominous fog-horn style bass texture that groans moodily before the majestic melody cuts through a Garnier-level arrangement twist. Stunning. ‘Cloys’ also enjoys two superb reworks: Re.You provides a touching twist by paying close attention and respect to the original’s swampy, underwater harmony with additional percussion, a richer weight and a more restrained sense of emotion. Ever one for contrast, Eagles & Butterflies flips the original into a brighter narrative direction with a timeless undulating groove and dizzying cannon of humanised textures. A true yin yang reversion scenario; one for opening, one for elevating. It’s down to Zurich’s Animal Trainer to sign off this beautiful reversion experience with a bulbously rotund bass-licked take on ‘Rollercoaster’. Upping the tempo and stripped back the layers, the duo create more space for the woozy vocal soul snippets and a whole new melodic layer. Mind-melting, deft and rephrased with innovative articulation, andhim’s originals have been paid the utmost respect from five of this decade’s most exciting new house talents. Monaberry knows this, we know this… Now you do too.

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