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Sad Song


4056813011456July 4, 2016
Sad Song | Freak In Records

There s strength in letting go, as many philosophies tell you, and they are right. You can absolutely let go to this one… Fall deep into the cushions of the warm and well-rounded Original mix, blending the iconic and soothingly soulful vocal with dubby aesthetics and an arrangement that soon makes this track a real song in your memory. Or float in space, where US deep techno lover Alexi Delano (Drumcode, Plus 8) transcends this track to. With even more glimmering synths and pads he keeps the vibe of the original yet, but adds a lil extra light to the whole topic! Italian Producer Dema (Sci-Tec, Trapez) focusses on the classic, low-slung Dub chords for his remix. And lifts you up with a certain extra shuffle on the beat.

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