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Shadows Of The Moon / Sol


TULIPA169April 7, 2017
Shadows Of The Moon / Sol | Tulipa Recordings

Andrea Fissore returns to the blossoming nucleus of the Tulipa gardens with a musical monument titled Shadows Of The Moon / Sol. This hypnotically deep gemstone is textured with the typical Tulipa flavorings of moodiness, tension, and functionality. Andrea explores a realm that is unique to himself; the maestro enthusiastically boasts a style that brushes up against the highest echalon of underground dance music. Remixers Navar, Mobile Soul System, and Pako & Frederik provide their own desert visions of the originals. Even when time warped twenty-thousand years into the future, this release still stands tall among the classics.

Husky cadaver. More ways unless there were actually none. Take a whiff in the drifting sand. Wonder fell silent. Frontier lies ahead, folks. A belt to twist around a glowing tree. Strike with a slowing silence. The dollop of freezing rain. Neverenders. A peculiar echo bounced between the bluffs until it faded into the rushing white noise of the river. Stamina in a can. You can translate all you want but meaning is hidden well. Stay put whales. It is time to flange everything. Doctoral pastels. The click-clack of Jupiter. Elicit the wildest prize. A slithering subject would not hold still for her portrait.

2017 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

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