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Sinthesis Vol. 2


NMW093September 12, 2016
Sinthesis Vol. 2 | Noir Music

We just can’t get enough from Paul Ursin as he seems to be on fire at the moment. This is his 3rd release with the Noir Music family in 2016 and even though we carfully handpick the best music from this guy he just keep shooting great stuff after us. Sinthesis Vol. 2 is a proper follow to Vol. 1 and on this release you will hear Mr. Ursin return to his tech house roots on Speak and 80’s Rooms. On Saturn Recall he keeps the raw techno vibes from Vol. 1 and with Way Out he goes down the more melodic route with rolling arps and melodies. So… as we hear it…… a little something for everyone or those who just cant help but playing all the tracks

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