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Strange & Beautiful


SONICS008January 25, 2016
Strange & Beautiful | Sonic Soul Records
  • Strange & Beautiful (Original Mix)

    Rishi K.

  • Strange & Beautiful (Ariane Blank Remix)

    Ariane Blank, Rishi K.

  • Strange & Beautiful (Tom Lown Remix)

    Tom Lown, Rishi K.

  • Strange & Beautiful (Jero Nougues Delightful Remix)

    Rishi K., Jero Nougues

We are very excited about this released from Sonic Soul boss Rishi K.! This is a groovy slice of psychedelic deep house with amazing remixes from Tom Lown, Ariane Blank and Jero Nougues. The original version of “Strange and Beautiful” is best described in the title. A subtle blend of deep and progressive elements, this track takes you on a journey from a deep bass groove right up to the psychedelic heights of bliss complete with a slick guitar lick. Ariane Blank re-interprets the original with a sublimely deep and spacey remix. It is perhaps the most melodic and unique of the remixes and includes a beautiful guitar type melodic throughout, along with some African instruments. The Tom Lown remix is a little deeper than the original, with some added percussion elements and new beautiful female vocals. It is perfect for warm up sets and has an exotic tropical feel to it. The Jero Nougues remix is also very deep! It is punctuated with ambient percussions and includes a few beautifully placed melodic elements while rearranging the vocals and guitar lick to fit together in a seamless remix. We can’t wait for your feedback! Hope you enjoy!

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