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Surf Smurf


GOMMA190January 23, 2014
Surf Smurf | Gomma

What a combination! Pachanga Boys’ REBOLLEDO and Gomma Boss MUNK doing a single together! And when two freaks like them meet for music the result has to be a masterpiece of craziness! Surf Smurf is a dirty 60ies Surf Rock song gone electronic. Sounds like a David Lynch soundtrack for a movie he does in 2030. The boys made two versions of the song. While Rebolledo did a 12 minute dub techno orgy that flows around the basic guitar lick Mr. Munk has put in some more energy: he created a dirty rockabilly house track that recalls the early Depth Charge or Weatherhall sound.. bringing back the analougue vibes and kaput drum machine sounds. Also the bonus track You Got It is a bomb. Techno? Yes! But warm & dirty. Pianos meet Acidlines the stuff that DJ Harvey would play. When the guys start to sing ‘YOU GOT IT, BABY’ – you can’t remain quiet. This shit is rollin’. This cooperation might sound weird to some, but it comes quite natural: Rebolledo and Munk have a long time ‘history’. Rebolledo has been a Munk fan since the beginning. Dropping Munk & James Murphy’s ‘Kick Out The Chairs’ song and Munk’s Aperitivo album on his mexican partys years ago. While Mathias has been djing a lot in Mexico the last years expecially in Rebolledo’s club Topaz de Luxe. Musically they have a similar history but showing different shades. It’s was time to do a Pachanga Gomma clash.

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