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The Synesthesia Experience


OVM289September 8, 2017
The Synesthesia Experience | Ovum Recordings

Synesthesia: Your own internal modular set-up rewiring to create new and unexplainable experiences and associations. A perceptual phenomenon where stimuli-conjured shapes and colours are invoked by anything and everything from numbers to musical notes. It affects around 1 in 23 of us and its effects can be likened to that of LSD, but were much more interesting in another type of acid.

Like the acid currently being brewed by Dame-Music founder, techno doyen and fellow synesthete Bloody Mary. Following the stark machine funk venom of her last Dame-Music release Knockout she makes her debut on Ovum with three outstanding acid tracks that come straight from the source.

Stripping her set-up down to the bare tools, each of the three experiences here are created with nothing but Marys TR-909, 303, Pro 2 Synth and her voice. Pure, concentrated and direct, each track rewires our own cognitive and sensory pathways taking our memories and our own relationship with stark, electrified acid techno and reconnecting them to three killer new perceptions. Each version taking the same glaring sinewy stance, this is the sound of new and unexplainable experiences and associations. And quite possibly the sound of a strong future for longstanding French-born/Berlin-based DJ and Winks Philly-based label; with a sense of 303 craft as strong as this, the wires run deep.

Huge Support from: Josh Wink, Alan Fitzpatrick, Nicole Moudaber, Anna, La Fleur, Arjun Vagale, Monika Kruse, Amelie Lens, and so many more!

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