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KSX318November 18, 2016
Whaaat | Critical State
  • Whaaat (Original Mix)


  • Whaaat (Indecent Noise Remix)

    Indecent Noise, Asteria

  • Whaaat (Asteria Radio Edit)


  • Whaaat (Indecent Noise Radio Edit)

    Indecent Noise, Asteria

Critical State is proud to present to the #criticalarmy zealots debuting solo Australian Artist ‘Asteria’, with the support of Industry heavy weight, Mental Asylum’s Founder Indecent Noise. Straight out of the starting block, Asteria delivers State fans a deep tech progressive feel. With an over injection of rolling basslines and sub harmonics it sets the mood and energetic pace. With percussive and efx placed breaks, it provides the bridge to the next sequence of flowing progressive tech layers, which eventually lead listeners to subtle and hypnotic tones of the breakdown. With beat and dub delayed vocals it builds into the anti-climax of the already introduced basslines guaranteed to move and warm up any trancefloor. On Remix Duties Indecent Noise overwhelms #criticalarmy zealots which a psy influenced remix. With warm percussive elements delicately overlaying the progressive psy basslines and kick. With perfectly placed layers and phases, it builds into the breakdown where Indecent Noice takes trance fanatics to the euphoric heights of the original riff, which quickly morphs the mood to a single focal point of an unexpected dark overtone psychedelic drop which promises not to disappoint.

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